Brews, Stills, and Chocolate

Here is your list of go to breweries, distilleries, and chocolate makers.  Tours and tastings encouraged.

Craft beer anyone?

Jackalope – their slogan – DRINK LEGENDARY

Yazoo – Dos Perros is a local favorite

Fat Bottom Brewing – the current seasonal is Wallflower

This is just a sampling.  If you want to see more, we recommend checking out this Eater map.

Feeling like some Whiskey?

Corsair Distillery – Wide range of spirits like Ryemageddon and Quinoa Whiskey

Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery – Bourbon and Whiskey Maker
Known for their locally produced Belle Meade Bourbon. Tours offered daily

Pritchard’s Distillery – Run, Whiskey and Liqueurs

Do you need both?

Corsair Brewstillery – High Gravity Beer and Malt Whiskey
Located near Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery

Want to finish the day with a bit of chocolate?

Olive and Sinclair – Chocolate Maker
Enjoy a tour of the factory and delicious sweets A favorite are the duck fat caramels. Tours are offered on Saturdays only, so plan accordingly.



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