The Sun is rising and I need food

Breakfast is one of our favorites.  If you wake up in a haze of innovating pitch decks, then we suggest you find sustenance immediately.  All of the 24 hour suggestions are also great, but here are few more breakfast that we LOVE.

J & J’s Market and Cafe (between the hotel and Owen) – Opens at 7am Monday through Friday, 8am and 10am on Saturday and Sunday respectively.  Stop here for coffee on the way to class, in the afternoon and late at night.  It has a small market, coffee shop, and is locally owned.

Pancake Pantry (walking distance from Owen) – Opens at 6AM.  Not only will find a wide range of pancakes, there are also eggs, strong coffee and depending on the time of day a short line.  The Pancake Pantry is a Nashville Must-Do, but it is known for the long line.  Sweet Potato Pancakes, just do it!

FIDO (walking distance from Owen) – Opens at 7AM.  Deliciousness in all forms with outstanding coffee.  Jessica suggests the Village Scramble

Five Daughters Bakery (12South Location) (Driving distance) – Opens at 7AM – 100 layer donuts aka 100 Layer Donuts – regular, gluten-free, paleo

Proper Bagel (Long Walk from Owen) – Opens at 7:30AM – Bagels and Barista Parlor coffee

On your last morning, we suggest a drive (or borrow a bike for a long ride) out to Loveless Cafe.  The Loveless is known for biscuits, jams, and ham.  It opens daily at 7AM, but is about 30 minutes drive to reach from Owen.  Make sure to ask for extra biscuits.


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